Satin Sound Systems, Inc.

Used Equipment

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*Please keep in mind all prices seen do not include any warranty or shipping/handling fees. We accept multiple forms of payment and some do incur fees for the buyer.

BSS Minidrive 334 (3units available)  $600 each


JBL 2206H (5 available) $100 each


JBL 2226H (2 available) $150 each


Lexicon PCM91 (excellent condition!)  $500


MARTIN AUDIO LE700a WEDGES $1000 per pair

Two pairs(left hand and right hand) available including dual cases

dsc_0003 dsc_0002


Martin Audio WSX 18″ Speakers $100 each

Model DLS801 600 Watt 8 ohm 

Speakers are used but in very good condition. We upgraded to 1000 Watt.

4 available at time of posting

martin-sub-4 martin-sub-5


Meyer CP-10  $1,000


Meyer LD-2  $500


Miscellaneous Racks (12-space shockmount, front/back lids, casters on back)  $125